About Us

Owned and operated by Dr. Peter Johnson, West Michigan Street Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing affordable medical, surgical, and preventive medicine for your pet.


We are a walk-in clinic only for vaccinations, sick pet visits, and exams. Appointments required for surgeries. Doctor's hours will vary from day to day. Check our online calendar at michiganstreetvet.com/hours for that day's schedule. You can also call for that day's schedule. Wait times will vary. New patients welcome!


We administer vaccinations every day we are open during our published walk in hours.  Vaccines are given on a first come, first served basis. No appointment is necessary.  We will waive the office call for healthy pets coming in for vaccinations only.


All pets needing surgery or you think needs surgery, must be seen by our vet first for a consultation before we will schedule a surgery. Consultations can be done during our published walk in hours. For all surgery consultations, there will be a $25 office call. We do not do declaw surgeries on cats, ACL repair surgery, cataract surgery, most orthopedic surgery, or cesarean sections.


It’s always a difficult decision to put a pet to sleep. The cost for euthanasia is $25 for an office call/exam and $50 for euthanasia. The office call may be waived if you elect to not be present for the procedure and this pet is an existing patient. You can either bring your pet’s remains home for private burial at no additional charge, or you can have your pet’s remains cremated. If you prefer to have your pet’s ashes spread in a beautiful garden in northern Indiana, the cost is $60. Should you want your pet’s ashes returned to you, private cremation starts at $110 and depends on weight. An appointment is required.

Management of Chronic Conditions

If your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic condition like diabetes, seizures, hyper or hypo thyroidsim, you must have all of your medical notes from your previous veterinary clinic faxed to our clinic. Our fax number is 317-757-5694. Once we have received your pet’s medical notes, our doctor will review the notes and determine whether we will accept your pet as a new patient. Please allow 2-3 business days for the review process. Due to the high volume of patients we already see, we are unable to take all the new cases that apply. Again, the number to have your medical records faxed to is 317-757-5694.

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